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2022-23 Academic Year in Senior School

2022-23 Academic Year in Senior School


Steven McNutt ,
Head of Senior School

It has been a memorable and busy 2022-2023 in the Senior School. I would like to thank all staff and parents for their amazing support throughout the school year. Without your care and concern for our students, we would not have been able to be so successful. When I look back on the year, I am most pleased that we were able to highlight the importance of celebration for our students. The Grade 12 Walk of Honor, senior prom, the assemblies, the advisory parties, the Beta Kappa Halloween party, Graduation, Week Without Walls, the various sporting events, the music concerts, the theater production Annie - all of these events were joyous occasions that provided our students with positive experiences that went beyond academics.  

Having said that, I am also so proud of what our students have been able to achieve in terms of academic outcomes. The vast majority of our Class of 2023 will go to top-100-ranked universities. The list of schools where our students received offers is indeed impressive and includes a record number of Ivy League institutions. This is no small feat and we are very proud of our students and their efforts in achieving this remarkable outcome. I must also say thank you to our university counselors for all of their time and efforts in guiding and supporting our students through the university application process. I should also note, however, that our counselors were committed to finding “best fit” universities for our students, regardless of the ranking of the school. Finding the “best fit” university for a student is no easy matter. 

Each year, we are blessed as a school with outstanding student leaders. This upcoming year will be no exception. I wish the 2023-24 Prefect Council all the best as they strive to leave their mark on the school. It is no easy matter to take on leadership, especially in the midst of all of the other demands of being a Senior school student. I truly respect and honor these individuals for their dedication and willingness to serve. In the end, their efforts will make Branksome Hall Asia a better place.

Finally, I would like to honor our staff who are leaving this year and for all of their contributions to the school and their support of our students throughout the years. These individuals will be missed. As well, I would also like to welcome new teachers who will be coming to Branksome Hall Asia. Change is never easy, but I am confident that these new hires will have a positive impact on the culture of the school.

Have a great summer. I look forward to a memorable 2023-24 school year.