Reflecting on Branksome Hall Asia’s 2019 Summer Series

Branksome Hall Asia celebrates successful rollout of the 2019 Summer Series. This event was held between July 22 and August 2 and 230 local and international students participated in this unique experience.

This year's Summer Series once again showcased our school, its amazing facilities, and passion of our teachers. As a teacher, it was wonderful to share in the excitement of exploring and making with students. - Aidan Hammond, Head of Design Technology

The camp offered participants a diverse and balanced transdisciplinary program that covered a wide range of subjects including English, Muay Thai, badminton, swimming, soccer, yoga, game design, programming, robotics, orchestra, choir and more. Most importantly, each program was led by Branksome Hall Asia’s professional faculty members to focus on developing each student’s abilities for critical thinking and proactive learning. 

During the closing ceremony, students participated in a number of performances such as drumming, choir, traditional mask dance, Sogo dance, taekwondo and Muay Thai, where they were recognized by school officials and parents.

This year's Summer Series was a fantastic representation of Branksome Hall Asia's wonderful facilities and staff! Two weeks of fun learning activities allowed the students to test their English proficiency and have a small taste of what an IB school is all about.  Many new friendships were forged throughout Summer Series and we hope to see such positive and enthusiastic students attending next year! - Ben Drury, G2 Teacher 

“Months of preparation, planning, discussions and decision-making finally came together to produce an extraordinary two weeks of student engagement within a wide range of valuable, formative and fun-filled experiences. We enjoyed getting to know all the children and watching them experiment, investigate, discover, create, inquire and problem-solve with their teachers and interns. We saw them grow in confidence, we observed them making new friends, we watched their creativity through art, craft and design, we were impressed with their enthusiasm for learning and their willingness to take risks. We were very proud to help them challenge themselves in new ways everyday. 

- Susie Caruana, Summer Series Coordinator

Kudos to the entire crew who supported this effort to make it the successful event that it was. Congratulations to all of the students who actively participated and demonstrated their love for learning and enthusiasm. We also owe a huge thank you to the parents for all the encouragement and support we received throughout Summer Series.  We are already looking forward to next year!