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2019-20 Library Review

By the Branksome Hall Asia Library Team

This year has been an interesting, exciting, and challenging one. With the help of our wonderful parent volunteers, we celebrated Hangul Day, Harry Potter Nights, Chinese Literature and Language Days among others. We extended borrowing options for Junior School with the addition of bi-weekly Korean and Chinese classes making regular visits to the library so that our students are becoming avid readers in all their languages. This increase in student visits has increased our overall circulation by 40%. Through the eBranksome period we did a virtual bear hunt, used Flipgrid to share poems during our April Poetry month, and created a “Poet tree”. “#books2eat2020” was another popular e-activity with many students showing great creativity as they made edible creations to accompany a favorite book. 

Supported by the boarding Don’s during eBranksome we carried out a major relabelling program to make it easier for our community to locate books. Over the year we have increased our collection by over 3000 books, a 12% increase since last year. We have also added 2 new digital platforms: Drama Online database and Press Reader which gives access to hundreds of magazines and newspapers. 

Our next big event is the annual Summer Reading Program where we encourage students of all ages to read as much as they can and in any language they can. The Summer Reading Programs benefit students by helping them to maintain their language abilities, especially in English (click here for JS, and here for MS/SS).  Due to the unprecedented circumstances this year, we are offering summer borrowing for the first time. If you are returning to Branksome Hall Asia in August and are interested in borrowing books over the summer, please complete this survey.

We are looking forward to what 2020-21 will bring and are planning some great literary events. We will be sending out a survey in August to gain your input. Until then, Happy Reading!