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Plaid Tidings

Dear BHA Community, 

The school is very excited to announce Plaid Tidings 2019 on Saturday 30 November.  Plaid Tidings is an annual fundraising event where our community comes together to celebrate the end of the year with music performances and trade goods, food, handcrafts and FUN activities. Marking the 6th celebration this year, the school would like to invite all of you to the event and to share together in the spirit of our community. 

Plaid Tidings is currently one of our biggest community events, introduced by a former teacher Angela Lau back in 2014, who was also a student of Branksome Hall Canada where it originated from. Over the past 6 years alot of support has been provided by not only parents but also staff, faculty and students. 

Traditionally, the funds raised from a serial of Plaid Tidings supported Moseulpo Children Center under BHA Oulim Project (2015), VEX robotics, JS Class Library Support (2016), a student international service project “Paradigm (2017) and many other initiatives at Branksome Hall Asia.  As funds have been returned to the local community, and projects initiated at the school, all the contributions collected from Plaid Tidings 2019 will go to Branksome Hall Asia initiatives in order to support a local charity, or local and international communities and managed under the name of “Plaid Tidings 2019 Funds”. All the expenditures regarding Plaid Tidings 2019 Funds will be transparently shared with parents via an official school channel.

We are excited to once again present Plaid Tidings, and hope it is a fun and enjoyable event where everyone can celebrate with family and friends. 

Branksome Hall Asia is very grateful for the continued support of our parents and the school community. 

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