Branksome Hall Asia
a home away from home

Ainslie House and Shin Saimdang House

Ainslie House and Shin Saimdang House recognize the importance of providing a comfortable, homely environment for girls, many of whom will be away from their parents for the first time. Our caring Head of House and Teacher Dons ensure the girls feel welcome, happy and involved at all times. We aim to make their time an exciting and fulfilling “home away from home” experience. We nurture the girls to become confident and independent young women who will contribute meaningfully to the world around them.

Our unique and comprehensive weekend program offers opportunities for individual and group activities that promote teambuilding, independence and special moments to create fun memories and lasting friendships. Once a month during “Friday Fun Night” we celebrate birthdays with cake, games and laughter. Our family groups, enables for study fall, supervised by the highly qualified Teacher Dons independent and collaborative.

New and returning students are warmly welcomed into the houses and the caring staff ensure that the girls feel welcome and a sense of belonging.