Branksome Hall Asia
a home away from home


Our purpose-built residence is designed to enable girls from around the world to come to Branksome Hall Asia to embark on their remarkable journey.

Our residence program provides opportunities to build student self-efficacy. To achieve this, a strong sense of family and community is paramount.

At Branksome Hall Asia we:

  • Maintain a ratio of one qualified teacher to every 10 students to support your daughter in developing a good work ethic and a sense of self-discipline
  • Employ Teacher Dons and highly qualified Heads of House who are experienced in a high level of pastoral care and work closely with subject teachers and counselors to provide the best possible learning environment for each student
  • Encourage students to take advantage of the abundant number of activities, programs and facilities on campus and to work closely with faculty and enjoy friendships
  • Support students to engage in Creativity, Action, Service and Enrichment activities during the week and weekends
  • Celebrate and encourage personal growth and experiences through exploration, thus creating an increase in self-confidence among our students

There is a high expectation of personal responsibility in a challenging, caring and supportive learning environment that leads students to be self-directed.

We ensure self-responsibility by:

  • Creating a structured environment where students are encouraged to evaluate alternatives and accept the consequences of their actions and decisions guided by a Code of Conduct;
  • Encouraging students to be cognizant that both academic excellence and personal confidence are indicators of leadership and preparation for the challenges of university education;
  • Setting realistic behavior expectations to foster students’ perspective on education as a lifelong process that can be facilitated by others but is dependent on self-discipline and independent thought.

The value of internationalism permeates the halls of Branksome Hall Asia. We encourage students and faculty to become part of a community that:

  • Recognizes the importance of global issues and understands value systems different from one’s own.
  • Moves beyond tolerance to commitment, respect and appreciation for humanity.
  • Builds character by being involved in current affairs, global issues, human rights, democracy and the welfare of humanity.