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Senior School

At Branksome Hall Asia Senior School, your daughter will benefit from the best college preparation programs. Our students develop the ability to be creative and critical thinkers. Through our exceptional academic program, girls become confident and capable women who are inspired to meet life’s challenges with intelligence, sensitivity, and courage.

In the Branksome Hall Asia Senior School, we offer an academically rigorous program. The program is well supported in an environment conducive to ensure that your daughter’s needs are met and her academic success is enhanced.

At Branksome Hall Asia, we:

  • Offer the IB Diploma as our crowning program to your daughter’s Branksome experience
  • Provide our students with the gold standard in pre-university qualifications
  • Implement experiences that ensure a rigorous, relevant, and significant education
  • Provide opportunities for local and global leadership
  • Ensure a low teacher-to-student ratio of 1 to 10
  • Offer robust academic, pastoral, and university guidance services
  • Challenge and encourage our students to become women of substance who are prepared to help shape their world, locally, nationally and globally
  • Foster your daughter’s ability to become self-motivated with reliable organizational and time management skills
  • Emphasize the creation of original thoughts and products, while encouraging students to challenge their assumptions and engage in meaningful problem-solving
  • Teach students how to work both independently and collaboratively, with efficiency and with care for the needs of the broader group dynamic
  • Provide our graduates with the academic rigor and work ethic they require to experience success in their future university studies

At Branksome Hall Asia's Senior School, your daughter will engage in leadership opportunities and she will be expected to role model the profile of an exemplary Branksome Hall Asia student. Branksome Hall Asia Senior School students are pivotal contributors to the values that drive our school.

Your daughter is destined to discover her ‘Remarkable’ at Branksome Hall Asia

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