Branksome Hall Asia
a remarkable journey

Junior School

The real benefits of the Branksome Hall Asia experience start in Junior School. The early exposure to rich academic and cultural education at Branksome Hall Asia better prepares your child to be a true leader in today’s increasingly global world.

Junior School is co-educational (JK Prep to G5) and welcomes new boys from JK Prep to Grade 3. We support our boys' transition to other schools at the completion of Junior School at the end of Grade 5.

We implement an international curriculum framework and are dedicated to ensuring the best possible development of your child’s total well-being. We focus equally on:

  • Academic rigor and challenge
  • Emotional development and support strategies
  • Physical wellness and development
  • Technology to support and encourage learning
  • Inquiry-based approaches to learning and teaching
  • Gender equality issues
  • Student-initiated actions that make a difference locally, nationally and globally
  • International perspectives, appreciation and understanding through multicultural studies
  • English as the language of instruction with additional language studies in Korean or Chinese
  • Extensive co-curricular activities in the arts and sports and leadership through service opportunites
  • Class sizes with a maximum of 20 students; 18 in the Kindergarten classes
  • Educational assistants and co-teachers at every grade level

The Early Years Program at Branksome Hall Asia offers:

  • A structured play-based approach in our Early Years program (JK Prep, Junior and Senior Kindergarten) appropriate for the youngest member of our school community.
  • Collaboration between our English and Information Technology departments to develop and accelerate language acquisition.
  • Faculty from the Junior School, Middle/Senior School and students cross school work together on a meaningful projects. One Project "Empty Bowls," directs students towards hunger and poverty awareness, which requires sustained engagement, action and collaboration and service.

Your child is destined to discover his/her ‘Remarkable’ at Branksome Hall Asia.

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