Dear Branksome Hall Asia community members,

I have been thinking recently about the IB mission and what it really means to understand that other people, with their differences, can also be right.  We can apply this notion to something simple, like reading a story or a fairy tale. Often children’s books have a moral to them, a point they wish to make to teach children about ethics or the “right way to be.”  However, in today’s complex world, there truly is no “one right way to be.”  Because of this ambiguity, I tend to find most engaging are stories that have no moral, and no specific lesson to teach. This type of story shows us the experience that other people have and tells us about the struggles in the lives of others.  The reader doesn’t take a “truth” from these stories, or a “learning” as it were.  Instead, she comes to an understanding of what it would feel like to live in another’s shoes.  It is in this instance that one learns about open-mindedness and global-citizenship, the very things that we focus on here at Branksome Hall Asia.  For me, then, a good story is not one where the reader says, “This is what I was supposed to learn from that story.”  Instead, a meaningful story is one where the reader experiences the insights being expressed by the author and empathizes, “I feel that way too. I’ve had that experience. I understand you.”

So much is happening at school and we appreciate your partnership as we support your child together throughout their journey with us.  New parents, please feel welcome to join in.  We want you to feel connected to the Branksome family.

See you at School,

Dr. Cinde Lock