The beginning of a remarkable journey.

It is an exciting time of the year as students who just entered Grade 9 will soon be flying off the island to visit our sister school Branksome Hall in Toronto, Canada for the Branksome G9 Exchange program. 

“The trip to Canada is more than an experience. It is a journey that will allow your daughters to experience a global connection for academic, leadership, personal and cultural development. Your daughters will have an authentic opportunity to develop an international understanding and make friendships that will last a lifetime” - Principal Dr. Cinde Lock.  

This year the journey begins following the Chuseok break. The program will last for 3 weeks with the girls departing from Seoul on September 27 and returning on October 16th.  

Students begin the trip with a tour of the University of Toronto where they will meet with former graduates from Branksome Hall Asia who are currently studying at this university. This experience allows students to begin to discover what future areas of study they may wish to pursue and to speak with former graduates about their experience of living and studying abroad.

Students then head to Camp Arowhon for a week of deciding what their own limits will be. They will have opportunities to build closer friendships and step out of their comfort zones through activities like canoeing, swimming, climbing and campfire building.

After coming together as a team at camp, students will be challenged academically through a rigorous interdisciplinary unit while collaborating with their Grade 9 Branksome Hall Canada buddies. Students will use skills developed in their Art, English and Individual and Societies disciplines to explore how stories from various communities give insight into our own identity and help us connect to others. 

These experiences will be followed by a range of cultural activities which will include a tour of the University of Waterloo, a tour of the Art Gallery of Ontario or the Royal Ontario Museum, a Korean dinner hosted by Branksome Hall Canada teachers and students, a tour of Niagara falls and a performance by the world-famous Cirque du Soleil.

Even when the students board the plane to come back to friends and family here in Korea their journey will not have finished. Students will use the learning and the friendships they have acquired to greet their Canadian buddies when they visit us in Jeju in February 2020 to complete the next chapter of the Branksome Exchange program.