Branksome Hall Asia
Empowering women

Our History

Founded in 1903, Branksome Hall is an independent school for girls. Today, the school is located on a 13-acre campus in Toronto’s Rosedale neighborhood and educates approximately 900 girls from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12.

The school was founded by Miss Margaret Scott, who served from 1903 to 1910 as the first Principal. Branksome Hall was originally located in rental property at 102 Bloor Street East, with an enrolment of 70 girls. Seven years later, that property was purchased by the province and Branksome relocated to 592 Sherbourne Street.

In 1912, the school purchased Hollydene, the elegant property at 10 Elm Avenue. The house, built in 1880, included a coach house, which soon contained classrooms, and a gymnasium. Hollydene’s spacious lawns were perfect for outdoor games and garden parties.

Over the years, both the campus and student enrollment expanded. Branksome Hall’s Toronto campus now includes more than a dozen buildings, ranging from heritage mansions to modern structures, a new Sports Center and residence buildings.

Branksome Hall Asia’s Remarkable Beginning

In March 2009, Branksome Hall was invited by the Korean government to establish a campus within the Global Education City on the UNESCO World Heritage listed island of Jeju. Branksome Hall is identified as one of the World’s top eight schools by a Boston consulting firm, and thus won its place to be invited into this national project.

Following the signing of an MOU in September 2009, the school initiated a three month feasibility study, followed by Branksome Hall Board of Governors visits and ongoing meetings with the Korean Prime Minister’s office, the Governor of Jeju and the Jeju Free International City Development Center (JDC). After almost 12 months of review, the Branksome Hall Asia project and our next phase of history was underway.

In July 2010, Branksome Hall signed a Cooperative Venture Agreement during a ceremony held at Branksome Hall, Toronto.

Planning and preparations began. An international architectural design competition was held to select the Branksome Hall Asia designer. MKPL won the competition and immediately began workshops and consultations with the Branksome Hall community and consultants to design a campus that would be innovative, iconic and reflect the mission, vision and philosophy of Branksome Hall.

Parallel to the design and construction of this remarkable facility, a worldwide search began for the leadership team which were to lead the planning and establishment of the school.

Admission of students to Branksome Hall Asia began in January 2012 and the Admissions team assessed and interviewed over 600 prospective students and presented to over 5000 parents in Korea, China, Philippines, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Canada, USA, Australia, Singapore and Japan.

Branksome Hall Asia limited its enrollment to approximately 300 students in its first year and will grow to 1200 students over the following six to eight years.

2012 was an historic year for the Branksome Hall global community and we look forward to contributing further to our over 100 years of remarkable history.