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School Uniform Donation&Resale Event

2nd PTA School Uniform Donation&Resale Events - A Huge Success

On behalf of Branksome Hall Asia’s PTA, we would like to thank you for volunteering and participating in the Used Uniformat Sale.
This year was the 2nd annual event and was successfully led by the PTA’s treasurer, together with the help of our 11 PTA school shop volunteers who worked hard for the last 2 months. The event was a huge success!

A grand total of 7,174,000 KRW was raised from the resale of gently used uniforms and special logo’d products designed and produced by the PTA school shop. Earned funds will be used for the development of PTA, school and community development.

Thank you all very much. If you would like to join in volunteering next year, please forward your interest to