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Empowering women

Rise- Scratch Version

Rise - The story of a woman

On June 12th we present a scratch version of the first half of 'Rise - The Story of a Woman’, a musical that has been written especially for our girls and their immediate context - Jeju Island. A ‘scratch’ is the name given to a test version of a show, it is done in order to get a sense of how the performance works in front of an audience. People will be asked for their feedback after the show, which will last approximately 50 minutes.

This project has created a significant creative challenge for staff and students as we work together with writers and composers to make a brand new piece written on the theme of Empowering Women. 'Rise - The Story of a Woman’ tells the story of Kim Man Deok, who is summoned by Jeju's Samda in order to offer guidance to four young women from around the world who are fighting for their safety, freedom and equality.