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Peace One Day 2018

Branksome Hall Asia Celebrates Peace One Day--21st September 2018

After years of tension between North and South Korea, it seems appropriate that Branksome Hall Asia should celebrate Peace one Day for the first time, just as relations between the 2 countries are going from strength to strength. It is also good to look beyond Korea and reflect on the importance of peace in a global sense.

Here at Branksome Hall Asia we educate our girls to take responsibility for their actions and to cherish the world we live in. We encourage them to question rather than just accept things, to be tolerant of others and to be open-minded. It is our hope that they will graduate from BHA and go into the world as young women who feel empowered to fight intolerance, racism and discrimination in every sector of life.

This week at Branksome Hall Asia we have celebrated Peace One Day in the Middle School in a number of ways. Grade 6 have sung songs of peace and made Peace postcards, Grades 6 and 7 reflected on Peace and posed for a group photo and the girls of ShinSaimdang house lit candles for Peace.

We hope that in these small ways we have raised awareness of Peace One Day and the importance of belonging to a community, where we care for and nurture each other.

We wish a happy and peaceful Chuseok to all in the Branksome Hall Asia community.