Branksome Hall Asia
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Jeju World University Fair

There are so many things that should make all of us so very proud to be a part of the Branksome Hall Asia community. At the school, we have so many amazing things happening that serve to reinforce the fact that we are a world class institution.

The excellence of our school and its staff was so clearly evident on Sunday when the school hosted the Jeju World University Fair. Over 90 universities from around the world participated in the event, which was attended by over a thousand students. This was not only the largest external event in the history of Branksome Hall Asia, it most surely was the largest university fair ever held in Korea.

This was an incredible accomplishment for the school. It would be an understatement to say that our university counseling team--Jennifer Cheong, Jessica Lee, and Mark Lee--deserves tremendous accolades for the time and effort that they put into this event. We would like to give special recognition to Jennifer; without her expertise and vision, the fair would not have been possible. The organization and attention of the event was impeccable in so many ways, as noted by so many of the university representatives. They also were so impressed by not only the school facilities, but also more importantly, the quality of the students at Branksome Hall Asia. Both parents and students, from our school and elsewhere, were effusive in their praise of the fair on so many levels.

Thank you to the so many staff and students who helped this event so successful. We have an outstanding school whose foundation is a wonderfully dedicated community. We indeed can very proud of not only what the school has accomplished thus far, but also, what amazing things the future holds for Branksome Hall Asia.