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Our latest coverage by Chosun Newspaper focuses on our graduates' outstanding achievements

Our school’s coverage in the South China Post - Branksome Hall Asia Takes Students on a Distinct Learning Journey

Please enjoy our school’s coverage in the South China Post - the largest English newspaper in Southeast Asia. (Feb 23, 2018)

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Latest remarkable Branksome Hall Asia stories covered by Women-Dong A magazine

Article 1: Interview with our empowering Branksome Hall Asia Students.

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Article 2: Interview with our inspiring Branksome Hall Asia Teachers

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Article 3: Focuses on our Branksome Hall Asia STEM-V Program and how it raises empowering female leaders in sciences and engineering fields.

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Branksome Hall Asia e-articles on Study international

KCTV's special edition of 'INSIDE JEJU' featuring our Branksome Hall Asia's Plaid Tidings

Please click here to enjoy KCTV's special edition of 'INSIDE JEJU' featuring our Branksome Hall Asia's Plaid Tidings.

Grade 9 Exchange In Toronto Canada-2017

BHA Week Without Walls

We had our annual Week Without Walls Camp for students in grades 6 through 12.

Each trip was varied with its own theme and activities but the shared goal was learning through experience.

School Shop Is Opening

School shop is opening on Tuesdays&Thursdays

Starting from Tuesday 8/22/2017

The Risk Taker

'The Risk -Taker'
After performing Mozart’s piano concerto with the Union City Philharmonic Orchestra this summer, one of our students, Yoonseo Choi (Grade 5) said "If I had the opportunity again, I would work harder to enjoy the moment rather than being afraid of failure." It was a big challenge for Yoonseo to play with professional musicians in New York and although she was very nervous she played the piano successfully and enjoyed the sense of accomplishment and confidence that she developed from her performance. We send a big round of applause to Yoonseo.

Summer Series and Head Start Program 2017

Summer Series 2017 Movie

Head Start Program 2017 Movie

Remarkable IB Results 2017

In July 2017, a total of 159,400 students worldwide celebrated their IB Diploma examination results. It is with great pride we share the Branksome Hall Asia Class of 2017 IB Diploma examination results.

As individuals and as a class their accomplishments are formidable!

Some of the Class of 2017 outstanding highlights:

  • The overall class average was 36 points, compared to the world average of 29.95 points. This represents the best performance by any Branksome Hall Asia graduating class.
  • 100% of the successful Branksome Hall Asia IB candidates earned the International Baccalaureate Bilingual Diploma. This is an outstanding accomplishment when compared to the World Average of 28%.
  • 92% of our Branksome Hall Asia Graduates achieved an IB score above the world average of 29.95 points.
  • At least 25% of our Branksome Hall Asia students earned 40 points or above. (World average 7%).
  • There were overall class averages of 6 or above (of a possible 7 maximum) across a full range of subjects areas.
  • 100% of our Branksome Hall Asia Graduates received offers to the world’s top 100 universities
  • We are very proud of our students and their achievements. Our students’ accomplishments speak volumes about our students and the commitment of our community to offer a Branksome Hall Asia inclusive education.

    On behalf of Branksome Hall Asia, it is with enormous pride that we extend congratulations to our students, their families, and the Branksome Hall Asia faculty.

    Branksome Hall Asia is truly distinguished as being among the world’s top echelon International Baccalaureate Schools. The world is about to become more remarkable.

    Be proud!

    BTV featured on Asia Pacific Broadcasting Magazine

    Here is an article showcasing BTV and Control Room Academy students' role in our new KCTV broadcast channel. The article in APB magazine includes quotes from Sueshin Moon, Linnea Bidder and Yehsom Jung.

    The article as well as the link to the whole magazine are below. We are on page 19.


    G12 Graduation Video 2017

    G12 Graduation Video 2017

    Congratulations to the remarkable Branksome Hall Asia Class of 2017 on their recent graduation and outstanding performance on the IB DP exams.

    The recently released results from the exams highlighted the academic excellence of this exceptionally talented group of young women. The overall IB DP exam average of the class was 36 and a quarter of the students obtained 40 or more points. Furthermore, all of our successful DP candidates also received the Bilingual Diploma. This establishes a standard of achievement at Branksome Hall Asia that most certainly will inspire future graduating classes to achieve similar levels of excellence. Branksome Hall Asia wishes the Class of 2017 the best as they pursue new challenges and adventures at some of the top universities in the world.

    Grade 9 Exchange 2017 At Branksome Hall Asia

    Branksome Hall Exchange in Jeju

    Newspaper Article on a school CASE program

    We would like to celebrate the attached Korean newspaper article about "Thank you, for helping me", a story book written and illustrated by FORGET-ME-NOT, an extraordinary CASE team initiated by our students in 2014.

    The article talks about how the team was formed and the book published, and that this is a very good example of 'Making Caring Common', a project initiated by the Harvard Graduate School of Education with the goal of nurturing 'Caring' dispositions in students . She further talks about how Korean University Entrance processes should also move toward this direction.

    The books are on sale in the school shop (Open every Thursday 3~4pm).
    All the proceeds will go to raising awareness and supporting campaigns and donations for the victims of this sad history.

    See the attached Korean Newspaper article (DongAh Newspaper)

    Grade 12 Graduation 2016

    Where Dreams become Reality

    Congratulations to Branksome Hall Asia’s Graduating Class of 2016.

    Our girls embraced the Branksome Hall Asia challenge to be their best and to give their best. The rewards of their efforts are clear. Our girls are launched as our next generation of outstanding anthropologists, art and designers, architects, biologists, chemists, doctors, financial analysts, economists, engineers, graphic designers, historians, mathematicians, pharmacists, psychologists, scientists, teachers and much more…

    The number and breadth of our students chosen fields of study and university programs are formidable and in fact ‘remarkable’. Extraordinary achievement!

    The world, is once again, about to become more remarkable.

    G12 Graduation Video 2016

    Design Thinking Family Workshop

    The brand new Design Thinking workshop for families is for parents and children to experience designing, making and creating together.

    Join us for a morning of making and exploring. Come and experience first hand how we integrate the IB curriculum into classroom learning at Branksome Hall Asia. Lead by Branksome Hall Asia teachers, you work alongside your child and see how we combine the latest language learning strategies, inquiry practices, and approaches to learning in our program.

    It will be a morning of inquiry, learning, creating, and reflecting, and having fun too -- A typical day at Branksome Hall Asia!

    Please register through this link and come along with your children.

    Outline of Events for the Day

    9-12: Workshop (include 20 min break)

    12-1 Lunch

    1-2 tour of school (making discrete connections between what was learned in the workshop and what we do as part of our teaching practice)

    Snacks and Lunch provided

    Branksome Hall Asia students at the American Embassy

    On November 17, 2015, Branksome Hall Asia students were invited to participate in an event organized by the U.S. Embassy and the Korea Entrepreneurship Foundation to celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) in Seoul.

    Countries and communities around the world celebrate GEW by bringing together innovators, trailblazers and experts in entrepreneurship to share and discuss their knowledge, success stories and latest entrepreneurship trends and policies.

    GEW Women 2015 was celebrated at this event by a special afternoon session dedicated to young women who were challenged to break through gender stereotypes and achieve their dreams.

    Anne Hoglund, ambassador of Sweden gave a congratulatory address to the participants. Professor Ji-ae Sohn (Former CNN Seoul Bureau Chief, former CEO of Arirang), Ms. Grace Choi (Policy advisor at the U.S. Secretary’s Office on Global Women’s issues), Dr. Ogan Gurel (Senior advisor for innovation, Campus D) Mr. Robert Ogburn (Public Affairs, U.S. Embassy) led mentorship sessions with students emphasizing that women can catalyze positive change in their lives and communities. They pointed out that the scale of the challenges we face in the world today and the accelerating speed of innovation is demanding a new approach to leadership which is different from the autocratic and efficient model on which the modern economy is founded. They encouraged young women participants to be transformational leaders, embracing failures, nurturing resilience and fostering grit. It was also pointed out that engaging men as allies is of importance to women’s advancement. Further, they were provoked to challenge conventional wisdom, generate ideas and open their minds to uncomfortable solutions. The overall message for students was that the human spirit has an enormous capacity for meeting challenges and one way to achieve dreams of greatness is to “reach higher than you think you can” regardless of your gender.


    Branksome Hall Asia's first graduating SCUBA class

    The members of the BHA Diving Club bravely completed their Open Water dives this past Saturday in the cool green seas off of Seogwipo. The girls posted bottom times of 31 and 32 minutes for each of two dives and explored the depths of the sea to a maximum depth of 11 metres. The event featured camaraderie, teamwork and strong mutual support as members of the team drilled out of air and emergency ascent procedures as part of their NAUI Open Water training.

    Mr. Percy, Mr. Deutsch, and Mr. Barker and I are extremely proud of this extraordinary team!

    Dr. Lee and Mr. Percy

    You can see more of their amazing achievement in the video below.

    Two Campuses, One School.

    Branksome Hall Asia held its Inaugural Alumni Gathering Party at The Embassy of Canada in Seoul. It was a great chance to liaise between the parents of Branksome Hall Asia and the parents and alumni of Branksome Hall. The Ambassador of Canada attended the event and congratulated the great performance of the first graduates of Branksome Hall Asia.