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Stuart Roy
Science & IT Faculty

© Picture by Faye Yang

"The island is a great place to live and the salary package is really good, enabling us to save much more than anticipated. I find teaching the girls both challenging and rewarding.

All of my colleagues have always been supportive and motivated people to work with. I really enjoy having access to the fully equipped fitness centre and good lunches."

© Picture by Faye Yang

Jooyeon Han
PYP Korean Language and Social Studies

"I believe Inquiry-based learning is indispensable for future education.

I love how Branksome Hall Asia is encouraging their students to inquire their interests and to explore their potential."

Ray Young
HOD Languages

© Picture by Faye Yang

"As one of the foundation staff at Branksome Hall Asia, I have been impressed with the the versatility and reverence for learning by our multilingual students, the award winning design and sense of space of our buildings and above all the collegiality of the staff. Each day at Branksome is an adventure into linguistic diversity, cultural interaction and the empowerment of our girls.

© Picture by Faye Yang

Heidi Roy
G2 Teacher

It is wonderful working with a variety of professionals from around the world.

Jeju Island is a stunning place to live and teach the IB program. It is an wholistic approach to learning and I LOVE it :)