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A remarkable journey



This year has seen our school set a record high IB class average of 36.2. In addition, our Chinese students had an average of 38 points. These are among the highest averages in the world! This achievement is a testament to the ability and focus of our young learners. We are so very proud of them. One BHA student has achieved a perfect score of 45 and all of our graduates have received offers from the World’s top 100 universities.

As a globally minded group, our young leaders have received university offers and scholarships from seven world regions that include the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, and Australia.

Such results also speak to the quality of our programs at Branksome Hall Asia. Within the context of our caring community, our students set high expectations for themselves and know they will receive strong support from our teachers as they reach their goals. This combination of care, high expectations, and high support is the winning formula that is yielding high dividends for our students.

The culture of our community has also played a role in the achievement of this milestone in IB results and university offers. Our girls know that real leadership and achievement emerges from collaboration with their peers. Truly, this class has epitomized our school slogan “I shine when you shine” as the reflected glow from their individual and collective achievements has resulted in a victory that all can be proud of.

Our numbers in summary:

  • A record high class average of 36.2 for all 71 graduates
  • A record high Chinese cohort average of 38 points
  • A perfect score of 45
  • 100% of students received offers from the World’s top 100 universities
  • Over $1,269,680 US Dollars in scholarships offered