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Boarding Team

General Enquiries:
Daytime Phone: 064 902 5455
Medical Center: 064 902 5351


Head of Houses

Boarding life offers students many opportunities for becoming involved in the co-curricular life of the school. Students have the opportunity to organize a variety of Boarding activities. Support and guidance from Teacher Dons creates a safe, supportive and enjoyable environment for students to develop and strengthen leadership skills. Students are encouraged to create new committees and groups, as they are inspired with new and innovative ideas that will help to enrich boarding living.


Boarding Families

As each student leaves her own family to come to Branksome Hall Asia, she gains a new Family when she arrives at Boarding. All students are assigned to families, headed by Teacher Dons and student Junior Dons. Families meet regularly to socialize and discuss how they are managing Boarding living. Families provide a forum to encourage closer communication and opportunities to discuss upcoming activities and concerns. With time, your Boarding Family becomes a special group for students to share and celebrate. Fun outings and “Family Challenges” are also a big part of Family time - come prepared to get involved! Parents/guardians will receive updates on the well being of their daughter. Families do not share pods or close living areas, but are provided with time together to share ideas and participate in group events or planned activities by the Family Teacher Don. Parents should contact the Head of House at any time with any questions or concerns.


Boarding Representative

Each House has a Boarding Representative who is a member of the elected school leadership team. She acts as a liaison between the school student body and the Boarding community.


Boarding Prefect (Grade 12 only)

The Boarding Prefect is a student who acts as a role model and mentor within the school and Boarding. Her leadership role involves running the Boarding Council, speaking on behalf of the Boarding community at all school assemblies, and organizing events.


Boarding Council

The Boarding Council is a group of students and faculty who help to organize the general life of Boarding. The council is a forum for discussion of living issues and student and/or faculty concerns. The Boarding Prefect, and Boarding Representatives sit on the Boarding Council.


Junior Dons

Each year a group of students is interviewed and selected to serve as student leaders in Boarding. Junior Dons act as a liaison between the student body and Boarding faculty. They help to foster a positive and supportive environment for all members of the boarding community. Each Junior Don has a specific responsibility in Boarding. As student leaders, Junior Dons are required to assist their Teacher Dons in arranging family trips as well as other special events in the Houses.

Boarding life has made me become more independent.
Grade 9 student