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Boarding House Dining Hall

Meal Requirements

Parents are asked to inform the school about any special or dietary requirements her daughter might have on enrollment and to keep us updated of any changes. The Boarding team makes sure each girl attends regular meals and has a balanced diet. All Faculty promote a healthy lifestyle, especially through required meals and feedback from students.

Packed Meals

Packaged meals can be provided when students are unable to attend the regular scheduled meals.


On occasion, girls are able to buy other snacks or foods at local vendors. Residents are encouraged to be mindful of their health by limiting sweets, salt, caffeine, fats and junk food intake.

Parents are also asked to consider, if sending care packages to their daughters, to provide healthy treats and to avoid sending meal replacement shakes or substitutes please.

On the go foods

Deliveries of meals other than the school’s catering company needs approval by the Head of House or Teacher Dons on duty. Approval depends on the celebratory nature of the meal, school meals attendance and House routines.

Student voice regarding meals

Girls are encouraged to discuss any concerns or needs regarding meals with their Family Junior Don and House representatives. They will inform the Boarding Council and a solution will be discussed regarding the issue raised. Students are encouraged to participate in regular surveys regarding food service.