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A Home Away From Home

Our Boarding Program provides girls with a ' Home Away from Home'.

The Boarding Faculty is a professional and caring group of women who are well experienced in the areas of Boarding Life, growth and development of young women, and in a number of academic subject areas.

All Teacher Dons and Heads of House live on campus throughout the school year, when on duty. This arrangement allows us to better attend to students’ needs while creating a greater sense of community for the Boarding Program.

These are some of the benefits of our program;

  • Students can access teachers on weekends and use the school facilities.
  • Less transportation to home, which results in more time to focus on study and the use of our facilities.
  • In addition, girls have extra opportunities to practice their English language skills.
  • Drop-in sessions with counselors, teachers, and academic-support staff provide assistance to students throughout the year.
  • Family Dons nurture and care for a small 'Family' of students, with a ratio of 1 to 10
  • The Boarding Program also offers leadership opportunities, such as a Council, where students come together once a week and discuss Boarding life.
  • They also learn life skills during their time in Boarding .
I really like the “family-like” atmosphere in our Boarding House.
Grade 11 student

A Balanced Schedule

Our students love the weekends. We visit museums, cafes, go tangerine picking, and enjoy arts and crafts. The facilities of the school are open to all boarding students during the weekend.