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Each year we see our boarding students gain confidence, develop independence and emerge as leaders throughout the school. Their experiences in boarding will last a lifetime. 

Head of Boarding

Welcome to Boarding at Branksome Hall Asia

We strive to create "A Home Away From Home" each and every day with dedicated staff and programs designed to meet the needs of our students. Our "Families" consist of a designated Teacher Don for every 10 students. This allows for a personal connection and individual care for each student.
Educating the whole child is a priority for us in boarding. The girls are encouraged to live a balanced lifestyle, while pursing both academic excellence and social interactions. Therefore, we offer supervised study sessions with the guidance of Teacher Dons and weekend programs that allow the opportunity to explore the many wonders of Jeju. There are also many opportunities to be physically active and experience new activities with friends.

Our state of the art facilities are just one of the many benefits of living in boarding. If you want to learn more about our programs, please contact us by email or schedule a campus tour.