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International Merit Scholarship

Calling the Young Women Leaders of Tomorrow:

We Want You!

International Merit

Scholarship Guidelines


Branksome Hall Asia proudly announces our first International Merit Scholarship program!

The Branksome Hall Asia International Merit Scholarship opens the doors of opportunity for international students to experience and benefit from our exceptional IB World School program. We want you, our strong female leaders of tomorrow, to bring your unique interests and gifts to Branksome Hall Asia to contribute to our mission and vision of establishing the school as a global hub of excellence in IB, focused on girls and their learning.

International students will experience the many advantages of a Branksome Hall Asia education, from our pathways leading to top university entrances worldwide to our culture of care present in the high expectations and high support we hold for each student. In addition, international boarding students, will enjoy the full benefits of our residential experience including beautifully-appointed living quarters, our state-of-the-art facility, exploration of Jeju island, and a network of caring faculty to support each student’s advancement.

International Merit Scholarships are available to non-Korean students new to Branksome Hall Asia in the Middle and Senior School. The Scholarship award provides 30% of the tuition fees and 30% of boarding fees (if applying for boarding program). International students may apply for the two remaining rounds listed in the Schedule to receive an International Merit Scholarship for the 2020-2021 academic year, starting in August 2020.

Scholarships are given in recognition of a student’s academic success, leadership commitments, co-curricular involvement, and other talents and achievements. Students applying in grades 6-9 are awarded the Scholarship for the student’s entrance year and subsequent years through completion of grade 9. Transitioning from grade 9 to 10, each recipient must re-apply and participate in the presentation component of the Scholarship process.

If applying when entering Grade 10, the award is valid for the student’s entrance year up to graduation. All recipients must remain in good academic standing to maintain the Scholarship award.

All applicants are expected to complete the regular admissions process alongside the Scholarship application process. If qualified for the final round, applicants are invited to come to Branksome Hall Asia to make their presentation (at their own cost); remote presentations will also be possible.