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International Merit Scholarship

Branksome Hall Asia

International Merit Scholarship Guidelines


In order to celebrate cultural diversity, academic achievements and leadership, BHA would like to present a partially-funded, merit-based scholarship for international applicants. If an application is successful, 30% of the tuition and 30% of the boarding fee (meals excluded) can be deducted. We welcome you to apply for it if you are qualified for ALL below:  

  1. You are a first-time applicant for the Branksome Hall Asia standard admissions process; 

  2. You are a non-Korean applicant, which means you do not have a Korean citizenship/Nationality. That usually means you need a visa in Korea; 

  3. You are applying for Grade6-Grade11; 

  4. You are willing to participate the extra 2-round selection process; 

  5. You are aware that this scholarship can only be renewed if certain responsibilities are fulfilled by the recipients in the recent year. (All nominated recipients will be asked to sign an acknowledgement document which lists all the academic and community responsibilities for recipients )