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Frequently Asked Questions

Admissions Questions

Q: What is the Admissions Assessment Criteria?

A: Entrance Assessment is completed in an age appropriate groupings. Kindergarten students will be assessed in small groups to their school readiness. Grade 1 - 5 students will take the Branksome Hall Admission Test (English reading, writing and Math). Grade 6 above must attend an assessment and the individual interview. Students applying for Grade 4 above, must also submit two most recent end of year report card, Competed Student Profile in handwriting, Confidential Teacher Recommendations (English/Math).

Q: Can international students apply?

A: Approximately 10% students at BHA are international students from China, Canada, Australia, USA, Philippines, New Zealand, Russia, Japan etc. and we are going recruit consistently international students.

Q: Is There Financial Aid or Scholarships Available?

A: We do offer entrance merit scholarships only for new students. Scholarships are awarded in recognition of student’s academic success and covers partial or full of tuition fees. Scholarship students will be selected by application, essay writing, presentation. (Only new students starting in August are applicable).
You can find out more information on Scholarships here

School Life Questions

Q: When is the School Year?

A: First semester starts in August. Normally summer break is two month and starts in mid June, winter break is 3 weeks and starts in mid December.

Q: What are the Class Sizes?

A: Kindergarten: 18
Grade1-5: 20
Grade 6-12: 22
Sections per grade are 1 to 4 and teachers including co-teachers/EAL are 2-3 persons per classes.

Q: What are the Class Times?

A: Junior School (JK Prep - Grade5)

8:00am - 3:30pm (co-curricular included)

Junior School finishes at 3pm on Monday and 4pm Tuesday - Friday

Early Years 8:00am- 3:00pm each day

Early Years and Junior School start at 8:15 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and 9 on Wednesdays.

Middle/Senior School (Grade6-12)

8:15am - 8:25am: Go to school
8:35am - 2:55pm: Regular classes
3:00pm - 3:30pm: Flex
3:30pm - 5:30pm: Co-curricular (C.A.S.E.)

Q: Is there a School Bus?

A: School bus is available upon request. Two routes are operated to Jeju and Seogwipo. The morning departure time is 7:00-7:15am and arrives at school at 7:55am (not available for JK Prep to SK)

Faculty & Curriculum Questions

Q: What curriculum do you study?

A: Branksome Hall Asia offers IB programs from Kindergarten to Senior School. Branksome Hall Asia is authorized to deliver PYP, MYP and IB Diploma program and as such is an IB World School. To be an IB world school, the school needs to prove that it has the qualified faculty, secures a certain amount of budget for the professional development for faculty, has certain range of books at the library, and runs the learning program properly. Please visit for more information about the IB curriculum.

Q: How do you recruit teachers?

A: A teacher at an IB school needs to able to understand and teach the IB curriculum. The school’s senior leadership team and principal at the international teacher recruitment job fairs do faculty recruitment. The qualifications such as teaching experiences at International schools, whether IB trained or not, and whether the candidate meets the IBO standard are considered when the teacher is hired.

Q: What second languages are offered?

A: Branksome Hall Asia is an English medium school. Students can choose to learn Chinese, Spanish as a club activity. Students can learn not only the languages but also the other cultures. They are taught to understand and respect the other cultures.

Q: What textbooks are used?

A: Not one specific textbook is used at IB curriculum. We have Coordinators who do the research and develop the textbook for each of Junior School, Middle School and Senior School. Also IT devices are used for educational applications. The teaching materials and IT software program is provided at school at no charge.

Q: Is there a co-curricular program?

A: C.A.S.E (C: Creativity, A: Action, S: Service, E: Enrichment) is a part of IB curriculum. Students are exposed to language, culture, arts, music and sports activities, but also the community service activities. You can find out more about our extensive co-curricular program here

Q: Are their additional fees for C.A.S.E. program?

A: Not like an after school program, C.A.S.E. program is a part of regular curriculum and therefore there is no additional charge unless there is necessity to prepare the outfits and to hire the facility and lecturer from outside of the school.

Q: What is STEM-V?

A: STEM V stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Visual Arts. STEM V center is equipped facility for STEM V and is placed in the hub of the campus so that the students can easily access from either Junior School Pod or Middle & Senior School Pod. It provides the girls the opportunity to better experience and get involved in science experiments.

University Entrance Questions

Q: What support is there for students applying to university in America

A: SAT/ACT preparation club is available as a co-curricular program. This will be an opportunity to sit a mock test for students.

Q: Is is possible to apply to Korean universities?

A: As we do offer officially Korean language and Korean history to Korean students, Korean students do not need to take to the GED (general equivalency diploma) and can apply to Korean local universities.