Branksome Hall Asia
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Shin Saimdang House

At Shin Saimdang House we have the residents who have been here since foundation year. The current Grade 10 students know Residence the best and we congratulate them for making this year the smoothest transition ever.

We are also the Residence with the most members and that is what makes us unique. Shin Saimdang House shows us that 96 young women can live together in harmony, sharing their living space and caring for each other. We are a sisterhood, striving to achieve our personal best and supporting others to do the same. We like to keep a poster that reminds us “ Girls compete with each other, Women empower one another”.

This year, we continue with our residence program that allows for an orientation week, leadership training, wellness and fitness sessions, support for the Personal Projects and allowing for more independence as the year progresses. We also have our Canada Exchange experience and in turn, host Branksome Hall Canada sisters later in the year. We have a very effective student voice that is advanced by Grade Representatives and Junior Dons. We have a wonderful team of Teacher Dons ready to holistically support each resident.

We look forward to the marvelous adventures we will have in the coming year.

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