Branksome Hall Asia
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Sherborne House

Being the Residence House for the older students at Branksome Hall Asia, Sherborne House uses the last two years of a student’s time by employing an increasingly adult approach. We strive to help each girl learn to be independent and become better prepared for the university experience that is to follow their secondary years.

For Grade 12 it is their fourth year in Sherborne House, now truly a home away from home. Grade 11 joined the House this year and enjoy what the seniors have long loved so much about Sherborne--the spacious single accommodations with en-suite bathrooms giving each their own personalized living space. This allows each girl to make the space their own while providing a conducive and study-focused environment. In addition, Sherborne provides a tailored program that allows each girl to receive the highest levels of individual academic attention and support with a Teacher Don.

A simple but well received treat only offered in Sherborne occurs each Saturday after a week of super long hours of studying and having multiple assignments and tests. The girls have breakfast in residence, a much-appreciated time enjoyed in jammies with lots of laughter in a relaxed fashion.

One of the most important features provided is the opportunity for the girls to receive more responsibility and simultaneously more freedom to organize their day and study habits. Girls are encouraged to learn social and organizational skills by being involved in the running of the House and in the setting and upholding the best standards of behavior.

We encourage and support the girls to continue broadening their horizons through outside interests, and extend their goals so that they become the self-confident, passionate and empowered young women for which Branksome Hall Asia is renowned.

You can keep up to date with the exciting events that are happing in Sherborne by following our blog.

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