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Seondeok House

Welcome to Seondeok House! A step back in time, reveals that our matron – Queen Seondeok of Silla was a most remarkable woman. Legends speak about her youthful attention to detail and intelligence. When presented with seeds and a beautiful image of peony flowers, she was able to deduct that the pretty blooms would have no scent due to the absence of butterflies and bees in the painting. Proven true, she cemented her leadership, becoming the first sole female ruler of the Kingdom of Silla that lasted between the years of 632 to 647. Queen Seondeok was also known for her intuition, promotion of the arts, literature and thought. With her success as Queen, she paved the way for two more women to become Queen regent of Silla. As brief as this recount of her history is, and the years of her reign, Queen Seondeok serves as a model for the residents of Seondeok House. The students of this residence are mindful of being part of a global community; they are learners and leaders. There is an expectation that their leadership will pave the way for other women, and for them to make their positive mark in history as well. Empowering our residents through the many opportunities to study, to play, to seek new ways of thinking and to enrich lives is highly valued in Seondeok House. We hope to make many happy memories here and that you will enjoy sharing our journey as we make our own history at Branksome Hall Asia.

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