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Senior School

At Branksome Hall Asia Senior School, your daughter will benefit from the best college preparation programs. Our students develop the ability to be creative and critical thinkers. Through our exceptional academic program, girls become confident and capable women who are inspired to meet life’s challenges with intelligence, sensitivity, and courage.

At the Branksome Hall Asia Senior School, we offer an academically rigorous program. The program is well supported in an environment conducive to ensure that your daughter’s needs are met and her academic success is enhanced.

At Branksome Hall Asia, we:

  • Offer the IB Diploma as our crowning program to your daughter’s Branksome experience
  • Provide our students with the gold standard in pre-university qualifications
  • Implement experiences that ensure a rigorous, relevant, and significant education
  • Provide opportunities for local and global leadership
  • Ensure a low teacher-to-student ratio of 1 to 10
  • Offer robust academic, pastoral, and university guidance services
  • Challenge and encourage our students to become women of substance who are prepared to help shape their world, locally, nationally and globally
  • Foster your daughter’s ability to become self-motivated with reliable organizational and time management skills
  • Emphasize the creation of original thoughts and products, while encouraging students to challenge their assumptions and engage in meaningful problem-solving
  • Teach students how to work both independently and collaboratively, with efficiency and with care for the needs of the broader group dynamic
  • Provide our graduates with the academic rigor and work ethic they require to experience success in their future university studies

At the Branksome Hall Asia Senior School, your daughter will engage in leadership opportunities and she will be expected to role model the profile of an exemplary Branksome Hall Asia student. Branksome Hall Asia Senior School students are pivotal contributors to the values that drive our school.

Your daughter is destined to discover her ‘Remarkable’ at Branksome Hall Asia

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Senior School Faculty

Senior Leadership Team

Head of Academics
Dr. Cinde Lock

Ph.D., M.Ed., B.Ed.
B.Sc.Hon. Chemistry (Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada)

Dr. Cinde Lock has taught and administered in schools in the Ivory Coast, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Trinidad, and Canada and she has coordinated both the Diploma and Middle Years International Baccalaureate Programs. Cinde is the Head of Academics for the Middle and Senior school and is an external assessment team leader for DP mathematics and is very passionate about helping students succeed in the challenging but rewarding IB programs.

Head of Administration
John Gasparini

M.Ed. Admin (Endicott College)
M.Sci. (University of Nebraska, Lincoln)
B.S. Biology (Cornell University)

John is an experienced international educator who has taught and served in varied leadership roles both in Europe and in Asia (Munich, Milan, Singapore, and Korea) for the last 20 years. John has a significant amount (17 years) of experience within the IB program and currently serves as the Diploma Coordinator for Branksome Hall Asia. He is passionate about science and education and looks forward to guiding our students and faculty in achieving academic success and continued intellectual growth.

Head of Student Affairs
Noeline Young

BSc., PGD Educational Leadership
Dip. Teaching (University of Auckland, NZ)

Noeline was Head of Residence at Branksome Hall Asia and formerly Vice-Principal of Discovery College, Hong Kong. She has been a teacher of science and biology for over twenty years. Noeline is a trained facilitator of ‘Restorative Practice’, which specializes in conflict resolution and has led its implementation in two schools. She is an advocate for building strong support teams, collaborative environments and strengthening relationships to improve student outcomes.


Head of Languages
Ray Young

MA., Dip Teaching (University of Auckland, NZ)
PGDip. Senior Management (Unitec, NZ)
Cert. School Middle Management (Carrington, NZ)

Ray was the former Head of Year 7 students and Self Taught Language Coordinator at Renaissance College in Hong Kong. He is currently the Head of Languages and a qualified IB Workshop leader for MYP Language and Literature. Ray teaches MYP and DP Language and Literature, Theory of Knowledge and supervises the personal project and the extended essay. He has a passion for foreign languages especially those from the European and Asian continents.

English/EAL Coordinator
Kassandra Rieck

B.Bus Economics & Marketing (Swinburne University of Technology)
B.A Japanese (Swinburne University of Technology)
M.B.A. (Queensland University of Technology)
Grad.Dip. Ed Secondary (University of Ballarat)
Grad. Cert TESOL (Deakin University)

Kassandra has held a number of teaching and leadership roles. Recently, she was the DP EAL Specialist for an international school in China. Kassandra has worked in public, private, international schools and universities in various locations throughout the world including Australia, Japan, China and now South Korea. She is a highly experienced language acquisition teacher with a keen interest in creating the leading ladies of tomorrow.

EAL MYP/DP Korean language Acquisition
Katie Yu

B.Ed. (Sookmyung Women's University)
B.A. English and Psychology (Sookmyung Women's University)
KAL Certificate (Seoul National University)

Katie has been teaching in various schools including ACG and American International School in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and is a qualified IB MYP and DP Language Acquisition teacher. Katie has worked in public and international schools in Korea and has a keen interest in language development.

Jean Matheson

BA Flinders University Adelaide
Graduate Diploma of Education Secondary Griffith University Queensland
Theater Arts, Philosophy and Literature Major
Head of Department Brent International School 2005 and Pembroke School 2014

Jean has taught all over the world, spending her intial years in Australia and spending time in the International system in the Phillipines and Taiwan. For the past eight years, she has been at Pemboke School in Australia, teaching both the Australian curriculum and the Literature A course. She spent half of last year in a Head of Department role and has been active in curriculum design, particulalrly in visible learning and critical and creative thinking. Jean has also been involved in student wellbeing, attending courses in mental first aid and healthy minds.

Nikolai Johansen

M.A., American Literature (East Anglia)
B.A., English (Gustavus Adolphus)
English/Communication Arts Teaching (Hamline)
College Counseling Certification (UCLA, in progress)

Nikolai began his teaching career in the United States, at Minnesota’s first K-12 IB World School (South Saint Paul) and has taught at international schools in China and South Korea. In addition to his interest in literature and language teaching, Nikolai is an avid tennis player and coach.


Ruijuan Zhan


Ruijuan joins us from Dulwich College, Shanghai where she has been the Senior School Mandarin Teacher. She has ten years of teaching experience in international schools in China. She holds a Bachelors degree in Chinese Language and Literature from Northwest University of China.

Korean DP
Nayoung Son

M.A.(Hanyang University)
B.Ed.(Sangmyung University)

Nayoung has been teaching IB program in international schools in various locations of the world and has a passion in life long learning. She enjoys developing curriculum and delivering Korean Language and Literature program in BHA.

Korean MYP/DP
Hwayoung Choi

B.Ed(Korea Univ.)
Hons B.A(Korea Univ.) Korean Language

Hwayoung is an experienced teacher who has taught Korean Language and Literature and Korean as a Second Language in public, independent and international schools in Korea and the UK. She is passionate about the development of language function and performance.

Korean Language
Jungsook Yoon

B.A.,Language and Literature (Pusan National University)
M.A.,English Education :Applied Linguistics (Pusan National University)

Jungsook is an experienced teacher who has taught Korean Language and Literature at an international school in Indonesia and Korea. She has been working as an IB moderator and examiner for MYP Korean and DP Korean as well.


Head of Science
Jennifer Johansen

MAEd (Hamline)
B.A. Life Science/Biology Education (Gustavus Adolphus)
Middle and Senior School Science.

Jennifer began her teaching career at Minnesota’s first K-12 IB World School (South Saint Paul) and has taught at international schools in both China and South Korea. She is a qualified IB DP environmental systems and societies teacher, MYP science teacher and CIE A-Level geography teacher. In addition to teaching Mrs. Johansen is an experienced tennis instructor and photographer.

Physics/Digital Design
Michael Poirier

B.Ed., B.Sc. (University of Manitoba, Canada)

Michael Poirier previously taught physics, computer science, and mathematics at Canadian international schools in China and South Korea. In addition to teaching he has developed after-school programming clubs for middle school students, and is passionate towards integrating technology into the classroom. Michael looks forward to sharing his enthusiasm of the sciences with his students, and challenging them to achieve their best.

Louise du Toit

B.Sc (University of Cape Town)
PCCE (University of Bath, UK)

Louise du Toit has been an Education Training Consultant for the past three years after many years teaching IBDP, A Level IGCSE Chemistry, Physics, Environmental Systems and Mathematics in Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia. She has written and edited Science text books and brings experience in service initiatives, environmental rehabilitation programmes, organic vegetable growing and musical accompaniment.

John Eisner


Jon joins us from Rosmini College, New Zealand where he served as the Head of the intermediate Mathematics Department. Jon is also an experienced ESL teacher and holds a Graduate Diploma, Teaching and Learning from the University of Canterbury, New Zealand.


Head of Humanities
Chad Kuffner

Grad. Dip. of Education, Secondary English and History (University of Auckland, New Zealand)
B.A.History (University of Ottawa, Canada),

Chad Kuffner was the former Humanities teacher at American International School (Middle School) in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and is a qualified IB MYP and DP History teacher. Chad has worked in public and international schools in various locations throughout the world and has a keen interest in ELL, languages and developing inquiry skills.

Morgan Murphy

B.A. International Relations, History and Education (Loras College)

Morgan is a MYP individuals and Societies teacher and will be coordinating the grade nine Canada Exchange Program. She was a former teacher at John F. Kennedy American School of Queretaro Mexio and has experience with coaching volleyball and leading student organizations such as student council. Morgan has worked in international and independent schools in various locations throughout the world and has a passion for curriculum development and problem-based learning.

Mark Lee

Ph.D in Education (Queen's University, Canada)
M.Ed (Queen" University, Canada)
B.Ed (University of Toronto, Canada)

Mark holds a Ph.D in Education and for the last three years has been the Director of the International School Port of Spain. He has also been the Director of Casablanca American School in Morocco and the Principal of Yanbu International School in Saudi Arabia. In addition he has been a Professor at Trent University in Canada and has been an educational consultant and program evaluator.

Harrison Shulman

MAT in Curriculum & Instruction (Univ. of Vermont)
B.A (Univ. of Vermont). MYP/DP Geography

Harrison was the former Model United National an AP Human Geography teacher at the International School of Myanmar (Yangon, Myanmar) and is a qualified IB MYP and DP Geography teacher. Harrison has worked in both American public schools and international schools in various locations around the world. He has a strong interest in constructivist education, curriculum development, the performing arts and cross-curricular planning.

Korean History & Social Studies
Hyoseon Kang

M.A.(Seoul National Univ.), B.Ed(jeju National Univ.)
B.A.(Jeju Naitonal Univ.)
Korean History(Individuals and Societies)

Hyoseon was the former social studies teacher at Seoul Global High School and is a qualified middle and high school teacher by Korean government. Hyoseon has worked in public schools in various locations and has a keen interest in Korean history and geography.

Matthew Dean

B.A. in History, Teaching, All Social Sciences (Loras College)

Matt was the former DP Economics teacher at the John F Kennedy American School of Queretaro and is a certified DP teacher. Matt Dean has worked in both international and public schools in Mexico, Botswana, United States, and now Korea. Matt has a keen interest in helping students find their own passions and creating life long learners.


Head of PE
Mervyn Newhook

M.Ed. (University of Western Australia), B.P.E. (Memorial University of Newfoundland), B.Ed. (Memorial University of Newfoundland), Health and Physical Education

Mervyn was the former Head of Department at Renaissance College in Hong Kong, and is a qualified IB PYP and MYP educator. Mervyn has worked in international education for 20 years in Korea and Hong Kong, and has a keen interest in curriculum development and athletics.

Athletic Director
Amber Boyce

B.PhEd (University of Otago)
B.Teaching (University of Otago) Physical Education

Amber has taught secondary Physical Education in New Zealand for 6 years where she was the junior head of department and a pastoral dean. Amber is a qualified PYP educator and has taught primary physical education for the past 3 years at Branksome Hall Asia. Amber is an established sportswomen and certified coach of numerous sports.

PE / Health
Fatma Ramar

Bachelors Degree in Education (University of Mauritius)

Fatma joins us from The Aga Khan Academy, Mombasa where she has been the Head of Physical and Health Education Department for the last three years. Fatma is a highly experience Physical and Health Education and has taught in Mongolia and Mauritius. She holds a Bachelors degree in Education from the University of Mauritius.

Athletics Assistant
Corey Edmonson

B.A. Business Administration/ Sports Management

Corey Edmondson manages the sports equipment, fitness center, athletics webpage, game day events, student/athlete consent forms, and other functions in Branksome's athletic department. Corey is also an avid basketball player and coach for the middle school and high school basketball team. Corey is currently taking a teacher certification program through the University of Sunderland in the UK concentrating on Physical Education.


Head of Mathematics
Kerry Bidder

BPE (Canada)
MS (United States)

Kerry is a Mathematics teacher in Middle and Senior School at Branksome. He has worked in southern Canada, arctic Canada, as well as at international schools in Russia and Zambia. Mr. Bidder enjoys developing academic independence for students by making their thinking visible.

James Caudle

B.Sc (Adelaide)
Grad Dip Ed (Melbourne)

James is a Mathematics teacher in Middle and Senior School. He has worked in IB World schools in Australia and Asia where he has also taught psychology. He is interested in the developmental psychology, social psychology, culture and identity. He is the Grade 9/10 Level Coordinator and values an integrated approach to the social, emotional, academic and co-curricular education.

Donna Morin


Graduate Diploma in Teaching & Learning; B.A.

Donna joins us from Baradene College of the Sacred Heart, New Zealand, where she has been the Mathematics and Economics teacher for the last two years. In her spare time Donna is a keen hiker and sports enthusiast is looking forward to bringing these interests to our school.

Michael Kim

B.Ed (Toronto)
Hons.B.A. (Toronto), English, Mathematics, History

Michael worked as an English and Mathematics teacher at a British Columbia off-shore school in China. He has worked in Special Education and has an interest in ELL.

Greg Eng


Greg joins us from the Modern English School in Egypt. He holds a Graduate Diploma in Teaching and Learning in Mathematics and Health and has taught in Germany and New Zealand. Greg is an avid sportsman and enjoys outdoor activities.

Visual Arts

Head of Visual Arts
Mark Jalland

Masters Degree in Public Art and Design (Dundee University)

Mark joins us from Guangdong Country Garden School in China, where he has been the Director of an International Art Program. He has also worked at the International School of the Hague and Hilversum International School in the Netherlands for the last sixteen years. Mark holds a Masters degree in Public Art and Design from Dundee University in Scotland.

Visual Arts
Jessica Murphy

Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts (York College)

Jessica joins us from Berlin Brandenburg International School, where she has been teaching Visual Arts for the last three years. She is an experienced Art teacher who has been teaching in various schools in the UK and Austria for the last six years. Jessica holds a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts from York College, UK.

Performing Arts

Head of Performing Arts
Mary Siew

M.Mus. Hons. Conducting & Musicology (University of Canterbury)
PGCE (Institute of Ed. University of London)
B.Mus.Hons (Royal Academy of Music)
Dip.LRAM / Dip. LTCL (Piano, Double Bass, Voice)

Mary was formerly Director of Orchestras and DP Music at Shanghai American School and Seoul Foreign School. Before entering the International system, she taught in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. She has also been on the IB Diploma Music Composition and Musicology moderator Panels. She enjoys Musical theatre and has conducted and performed in over 70 operas and musicals and is also a certified Sweet Adelines Barbershop Director. She was also heavily involved with the AMIS International Honor Orchestras and is hoping to invlove BHA.

Leslie Stellwagen

M.F.A. Theatre- Theatre for Youth (Arizona State University, Arizona, USA)
B.A. Theatre- Acting & Directing (Beloit College, Wisconsin, USA)

Leslie was formerly Teaching Theatre Arts Coordinator and faculty member at Appalachian State University in North Carolina, USA. She is a published author and award-winning educator. She has previously taught theatre in Hong Kong and Australia and worked throughout the United States as a teaching artist. Leslie seeks to engage and empower youth through art.

Paula Mor

M.A., Applied Theatre (University of London)
P.G.C.E., Drama with English (University of Leeds)
B.A.(Hons), Drama, Theatre, Film and Television (Bristol University).

Paula is a theatre teacher and director. She has taught and directed in the UK and internationally for 20 years, both at Secondary and University level. She specialises in developing original, contemporary theatre with young people, whilst continuing research into the applications of ‘The Viewpoints’ in arts education.

Music / ToK Coordinator
Rob Chaytor

M.Ed.Hons (University of Wollongong)
Graduate Certificate in Religious Education (Catholic CEO in conjuction with Catholic College of Education, Sydney)
Graduate Certificate in Orchestra and Conducting (A.B.O.D.A.)
B.Ed. Arts (Catholic College of Education, Sydney)
Dip.Teaching (Macarthur Institute of Higher Education)

Robert has had a distinguished career as an educator and musician. He has taught in several well-respected and established prestigious schools. He is an advocate for listening, pastoral care and restorative practises, and is he currently undertaking educational research in the area of student voice and curriculum design. He is an avid sportsman and is a qualified as ski instructor, ski patroller, surf lifesaver, and international rugby official. He enjoys golf, photography, alpine skiing and travelling. He looks forward to exploring Jeju and the rest of Korea on his motorbike with his wife, and he has an immense love for his family. He is currently enjoying learning Korean and the culture of his newly adopted land. At BHA he treats everyone with respect as if they were part of his extended family.

AV / Theatre Technician
Jose Zarate

M.F.A. Dramatic Writing (Arizona State University)
B.F.A. Video Production and Computer Animation (Arizona State University)
Writers Guild of America (WGA) member
Dramatist Guild of America (DGA) member

José Zárate was an Artistic Assistant at Cornerstone Theater Company, Managing Director of Teatro Bravo and a National Association of Latino Independent Producers (NALIP) Writing Lab Fellow.

He has worked as a photo editor for Getty Images on nationally televised events like the Oscars, Golden Globes, Emmys and has a keen interest in Film and Television production.

He is a Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival (KCACTF) Region VII Festival XLV Meritorious Award recipient as a Playwright for his play American Victory.


Faye Yang

M.Ed (La Trobe) Grad Dip. Ed.(Monash)
B.A (China)



Ruijuan Zhang


Ruijuan joins us from Dulwich College, Shanghai where she has been the Senior School Mandarin Teacher. She has ten years of teaching experience in international schools in China. She holds a Bachelors degree in Chinese Language and Literature from Northwest University of China.


Head of Design Technology
Aidan Hammond


Aidan has taught Visual Art, Design and Art History at university and international schools in Korea and Canada. Prior to BHA, he taught Visual Art and Design in the MYP program at Branksome Hall Canada. Aidan is passionate about developing visual literacy skills in young learners, and helping learners use art as a form of expression, problem solving, and inquiry in all areas of their lives. He is also interested in technology integration and community art projects.

Design Technology
Gwyneth Ochs

MAT (Massachusetts), B.A. Graphic Arts (Illinois)

Gwyneth was a former teacher don at Branksome Hall Asia, and high school intern at the American International School of Budapest. Gwyneth has also been trained in MYP Language and Literature. With her background as a Graphic Design major in college, she has taken the opportunity to teach MYP Digital Design at Branksome Hall Asia.


You can download the Grade 10 Course Selection Guide here
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