Branksome Hall Asia
a remarkable journey

Junior School

The real benefits of the Branksome Hall Asia experience start in Junior School. The early exposure to rich academic and cultural education at Branksome Hall Asia better prepares your child to be a true leader in today’s increasingly global world.

We implement an international curriculum framework and are dedicated to ensuring the best possible development of your child’s total well-being. We focus equally on:

  • Academic rigor and challenge
  • Emotional development and support strategies
  • Physical wellness and development
  • Technology to support and encourage learning
  • Inquiry-based approaches to learning and teaching
  • Gender equality issues
  • Student-initiated actions that make a difference locally, nationally and globally
  • International perspectives, appreciation and understanding through multicultural studies
  • English as the language of instruction with additional language studies in Korean or Chinese
  • Extensive co-curricular activities in the Arts and Sports
  • Class sizes with a maximum of 20 students; 18 in the Kindergarten classes
  • Educational assistants and co-teachers at every grade level

Recent initiatives in the Junior School at Branksome Hall Asia:

  • A structured play-based approach in our Early Years program (Junior and Senior Kindergarten) appropriate for the youngest member of our school community.
  • Collaboration between our English and Information Technology departments to develop and improve language acquisition.
  • Faculty from the Junior school, Middle/Senior school and students work together on a meaningful project called ‘Empty Bowls,’ directed towards hunger and poverty awareness, which requires sustained engagement, action and collaboration and leads to service.

Your daughter is destined to discover her ‘Remarkable’ at Branksome Hall Asia.

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Junior School Faculty

Senior Leadership Team

Head of Junior School
Susan Tilney

Master of Science - Financial Economics (London University, UK)
Bachelor of Education (Reading University, UK)
Diploma in Mathematical Education (Buckinghamshire College of Education, UK)
CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)

Susan has worked in international, independent and state schools in various locations throughout the world including Asia, New Zealand, the Middle East and the Caribbean. She has held a variety of leadership positions and most recently was Deputy Primary Principal and PYP Coordinator at St. Andrew’s International School in the Bahamas. Susan is particularly interested in assessment, the arts and numeracy.

Deputy Head of Junior School
PYP Coordinator

Dave Secomb

M.Ed. (Queensland University of Technology)
B. Sc. & Dip. Ed. (Edith Cowan University)

David is an experienced international educator who has taught in schools in the UK, Singapore, Switzerland and South Korea. He places a high value on developing strong relationships with students, parents and colleagues. David is passionate about inquiry and also maintains strong interests in technology integration and assessment. He looks forward to leading the continued development of the Junior School curriculum and pedagogy.

Junior Kindergarten

Amy Ivany

BA (Memorial University, Newfoundland)
B.Ed. (Memorial University, Newfoundland)

Amy Ivany is an experienced Primary/Elementary teacher who has worked in public, independent, and international schools in various locations around the world. She has perviously worked in Canada and China as a Primary Years educator, and in South Korea as an Early Years educator. She has a keen interest in play-based learning and development of the whole child.

Katherine Lore


B.S Early Childhood Multicultural Education (University of New Mexico)
M.A. language, Literacy and Socio-cultural Studies ( University of New Mexico)


Katherine is an experienced Early Years educator who has taught for over 10 years in the United States and Asia. She has an interest in multiculturalism, the Reggio Emilia Approach, and facilitating higher level thinking skills through play based learning.

Grade 1

Amber Cavanagh

Post Grad in Literacy (Massey)
B.Tchng & Learning (Christchurch)

Amber is an experienced educator who has worked in public and international schools in New Zealand, the UK, Egypt and now South Korea. She has a passion for literacy and is in her fifth year of teaching the PYP curriculum.

Kristie Cairns

B.Ed (University of Toronto)
B.A (University of Toronto)
TESL Certificate (Teaching English as a Second Language)

Kristie has worked with elementary students in China, South Korea, and Canada. This will be her second year at Branksome Hall Asia, having worked with middle school and junior school students last year as a Teaching Don. She continues to learn and develop her practice, with a key interest in character education and restorative practice.

Ketura Rich

M.Ed University of Vermont
B.A. Keene State College

This is Ketura’s 4th year teaching early years. She previously worked at an international school in Myanmar and before that in the United States as a special educator. She has an interest in Reggio Emilia inspired early learning and teaching children with learning differences.

Visual Arts

Jessica Wallace

Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts (University of West England)
PGCE (University of Bristol)

Jessica is our new Visual Arts teacher. A British national, Jessica has a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts from the University of West England and a PGCE from the University of Bristol. She is an experienced and skilled artist, teacher and coach. She has taught Art and Drama in Hong Kong and the UK..

Grade 2

Heidi Roy

B.Ed ( University of Victoria New Zealand)

Heidi has worked in international, independent and state schools in various locations throughout the world including Asia, New Zealand and Africa. She has a pasion for nurturing children

Veronica Pang

B.Ed (University of Western Ontario)

We welcome Veronica back to the BHA community. Veronica holds a Bachelors degrees in Education and Medical Science. She has been a classroom co teacher and a residence teacher at Branksome Hall Asia this past year. She has worked in various schools in Hong Kong and Canada. She has a key interest in restorative practice and a passion for helping students develop a love for literacy and science.

Christopher Hoff

Bachelors Degree - Primary Junior Teaching (Trent University)
Bachelors Degree - (University of Toronto)

Christopher joins us from Munich International School, where he has been teaching for the last three years. Christopher is a strong PYP teacher who has been teaching primary school for the last eight years. He holds a Bachelors degree in Primary Junior Teaching from Trent University and a Bachelors from the University of Toronto, Canada.

Grade 3

Penelope Clark

B.Ed (Deakin Univeristy)

Penelope joins us from a primary school in Australia with experience teaching grade 2 for the past three years. She has a strong focus on building relationships with her students, and creating a positive and supportive learning environment. This will encourage them to reach their personal and academic goals and to achieve success both now and in the future.

Kirra Tan

B.Ed (University of the Sunshine Coast)

This is Kirra's first year at Branksome Hall Asia. she has worked at various public and private schools in Australia and is now excited to be here in Jeju. Kirra is passionate about empowering students to reach their highest personal and academic potential.

Arnold Poe

B.A (Canterbury Univ.)

Arnold worked at Jelloabukdo Office of Education in Korea as an English Teacher for the last six years.


Karen Stevens

Bachelor of Child Study (Mount Saint Vincent University, Canada)
B.Ed. (St. Thomas University, Canada)
M.Sc. (State University of New York, Buffalo, New York)

Karen has worked with young children in international and public schools in the U.S., Germany, Philippines, Japan and South Korea. A key component in Karen's work is on developing a sense of belonging and peace in learning communities through a focus on social/emotional learning.

Antonia Favilli

Bachelor Degree in Education (Lancaster University)

Antonia joins us from the International School of Singapore, where she has been teaching for the last two years. Antonio comes to us with a rich experience of teaching and coordinating Language and Science programs for the last 20+ years with schools in China, USA, Switzerland, UAE and England. Antonio holds a Bachelors degree in Education from Lancaster University.

Rachel Johnson

Masters Degree in Special Education
Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education

Rachel joins us from the American School of Kuwait, where she has been a reading specialist for the last two years. She has worked in elementary schools since the past seven years. Rachel holds a Masters degree in Special Education earning licenses in both Emotional Behavioral Disorders and Learning Disabilities and a Bachelors degree in Elementary Education.

Grade 4

Jamie House

B.Ed (Manitoba)
B.P.E. (Manitoba)

Jamie previously taught Grade 3 for two years at Branksome Hall Asia. He has also taught upper elementary grades in Canadian public schools and international schools in China and Egypt. A qualified IB PYP educator, Jamie is driven to provide a 21st century learning experience where transferable elements of learning are applied into new contexts.

Tara Farr

M.Ed. (Converse College)
B.A. (Converse College)

This is Tara's second year at Branksome Hall Asia. She has taught public school in the US, and spent the last four years teaching Fifth Grade at Seoul International School. She has a passion for reading and will complete her Ed.S in Literacy this summer. Tara hopes to channel her love of reading to her students, and foster their creative and thinking skills.

Cameron MacGregor


Masters in Teaching

Cameron joins us from Shanghai Community International School where he has been teaching Grade 3 and Grade 4 for the past three years. Cameroon has been a U.S. Fulbright Grant recipient and in addition to teaching at various schools in the U.S. he has also taught at a State University.

Grade 5

Rob Cavanagh

M.Ed. (Massey)
Dip. Ed. (Massey)
B.Ed (Christchurch)

Rob is an experienced educator who has worked in public and international schools in the UK, Egypt and New Zealand. Rob has a keen interest in pedagogical leadership and innovation.

Marissa Archie

MA (State University of New York)
B.S.Ed (Berry College)

Marissa is an experienced international educator. She is qualified in the Primary Years Program and to work with students in grades 4-8. Marissa also has an English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) endorsement. She has enjoyed teaching in Mexico and South Korea. Marissa Archie keeps a passion for literacy and teaching of the head, heart, and hands of children.


Songok Cho

B.A( Sacred Heart University)

Song Cho is a qualified Korean teacher with a registration in Korean Ministry of Education as Level II Korean Language Teacher. She has worked in international schools in Korea for 8 years, currently in her third year teaching at Branksome Hall Asia. She has a keen interest in developing children's language skills through storytelling.

JooYeon Han

M.B.A. (University of Korea Foreign Language), M.Ed. (Jeju),
B.Ed. (Jeju), Certificate in Gifted and Talented Education (Korea)
Korean language and Social Studies

JooYeon has taught Korean language and social studies with experience working in public and international schools for 10 years in South Korea. She is qualified in the PYP and to work with students in grades 1- 6. JooYeon got the highest teacher certification examination score for teacher appointment, and was awarded a citation for enthusiastic teaching by the Superintendent of Education in South Korea. She has a keen interest in Korean literacy and special education for gifted learners.

Aggie Huang

Doctorate in Education in Chinese Language

Aggie is our new Chinese teacher. A Chinese national, Aggie has a Doctorate in Education in Chinese Language and Literature from the University of Hong Kong. She has 16 years of teaching experience. Aggie joins us from Hong Kong Academy where she has been teaching Chinese (Mandarin) for the last four years.


Amber Boyce

B.PhEd (University of Otago)
B.Teaching (University of Otago) Physical Education

Amber has taught secondary Physical Education in New Zealand for 6 years where she was the junior head of department and a pastoral dean. Amber is a qualified PYP educator and has taught primary physical education for the past 3 years at Branksome Hall Asia. Amber is an established sportswomen and certified coach of numerous sports.


Honghong Yang (Junior School Chinese and Chinese liason)


We welcome Honghong back to our community. Honghong holds a Bachelors degree in English from Sichuan Normal University. She has been a classroom co teacher and a residence teacher at Branksome Hall Asia this past year. Previously she has taught Chinese, Mathematics and English in China.

JK Prep

Laura Dyet

B.A (Wilfird Laurier Univeristy)
B.Ed (Univeristy of Western Ontario)

Laura is an experienced Early Years educator who has been teaching the PYP curriculum for the past 4 years. She has worked in various locations throughout Asia and Canada, and has a passion for play-based learning and outdoor education. Laura is the Early Years Coordinator at BHA, and looks forward to using Reggio Emilia as an inspiration for developing the Early Years program.

Rebecca Armstrong


Masters Degree - International and Community Development
Bachelors Degree - Early Childhood Education

Rebecca is our new Junior Kindergarten teacher. An Australian national, she has a Masters degree in International and Community Development from Deakin University in Australia and a Bachelors degree in Early Childhood Education. She has spent the last year as a research assistant at the University of Tasmania working on a National Mathematics project.

Senior Kindergarten

Elizabeth Kim

B.Ed (McGill University)
B.Kin (McGill University)
TESOL Certificate

Elizabeth is an experienced Primary/Elementary educator who has worked in independent and international schools. She has worked in classrooms in Canada and South Korea before coming to Branksome Hall Asia. Elizabeth has a keen interest in language development and early years teaching.

Ben Tan

B. Ed (University of the Sunshine Coast)

Ben joins us from the Siena Catholic Primary School in Australia. He holds a Bachelors degree in Primary Education. We welcome his experience in creating differentiated activities to cater for all students’ ability levels and learning goals.


The Primary Years Program at Branksome Hall Asia

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