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Grade 12 Graduation 2016

Where Dreams become Reality

Congratulations to Branksome Hall Asia’s Graduating Class of 2016.

Our girls embraced the Branksome Hall Asia challenge to be their best and to give their best. The rewards of their efforts are clear. Our girls are launched as our next generation of outstanding anthropologists, art and designers, architects, biologists, chemists, doctors, financial analysts, economists, engineers, graphic designers, historians, mathematicians, pharmacists, psychologists, scientists, teachers and much more…

The number and breadth of our students chosen fields of study and university programs are formidable and in fact ‘remarkable’. Extraordinary achievement!

The world, is once again, about to become more remarkable.

G12 Graduation Video 2016

Design Thinking Family Workshop

The brand new Design Thinking workshop for families is for parents and children to experience designing, making and creating together.

Join us for a morning of making and exploring. Come and experience first hand how we integrate the IB curriculum into classroom learning at Branksome Hall Asia. Lead by Branksome Hall Asia teachers, you work alongside your child and see how we combine the latest language learning strategies, inquiry practices, and approaches to learning in our program.

It will be a morning of inquiry, learning, creating, and reflecting, and having fun too -- A typical day at Branksome Hall Asia!

Please register through this link and come along with your children.

Outline of Events for the Day

9-12: Workshop (include 20 min break)

12-1 Lunch

1-2 tour of school (making discrete connections between what was learned in the workshop and what we do as part of our teaching practice)

Snacks and Lunch provided

Open-minded, Caring & Principled

Find out what our Branksome Hall Asia students have been involved in so far this term as an open-minded community of caring and principled learners by reading our latest newsletter.

Branksome Hall Asia students at the American Embassy

On November 17, 2015, Branksome Hall Asia students were invited to participate in an event organized by the U.S. Embassy and the Korea Entrepreneurship Foundation to celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) in Seoul.

Countries and communities around the world celebrate GEW by bringing together innovators, trailblazers and experts in entrepreneurship to share and discuss their knowledge, success stories and latest entrepreneurship trends and policies.

GEW Women 2015 was celebrated at this event by a special afternoon session dedicated to young women who were challenged to break through gender stereotypes and achieve their dreams.

Anne Hoglund, ambassador of Sweden gave a congratulatory address to the participants. Professor Ji-ae Sohn (Former CNN Seoul Bureau Chief, former CEO of Arirang), Ms. Grace Choi (Policy advisor at the U.S. Secretary’s Office on Global Women’s issues), Dr. Ogan Gurel (Senior advisor for innovation, Campus D) Mr. Robert Ogburn (Public Affairs, U.S. Embassy) led mentorship sessions with students emphasizing that women can catalyze positive change in their lives and communities. They pointed out that the scale of the challenges we face in the world today and the accelerating speed of innovation is demanding a new approach to leadership which is different from the autocratic and efficient model on which the modern economy is founded. They encouraged young women participants to be transformational leaders, embracing failures, nurturing resilience and fostering grit. It was also pointed out that engaging men as allies is of importance to women’s advancement. Further, they were provoked to challenge conventional wisdom, generate ideas and open their minds to uncomfortable solutions. The overall message for students was that the human spirit has an enormous capacity for meeting challenges and one way to achieve dreams of greatness is to “reach higher than you think you can” regardless of your gender.


Branksome Hall Asia's first graduating SCUBA class

The members of the BHA Diving Club bravely completed their Open Water dives this past Saturday in the cool green seas off of Seogwipo. The girls posted bottom times of 31 and 32 minutes for each of two dives and explored the depths of the sea to a maximum depth of 11 metres. The event featured camaraderie, teamwork and strong mutual support as members of the team drilled out of air and emergency ascent procedures as part of their NAUI Open Water training.

Mr. Percy, Mr. Deutsch, and Mr. Barker and I are extremely proud of this extraordinary team!

Dr. Lee and Mr. Percy

You can see more of their amazing achievement in the video below.

Two Campuses, One School.

Branksome Hall Asia held its Inaugural Alumni Gathering Party at The Embassy of Canada in Seoul. It was a great chance to liaise between the parents of Branksome Hall Asia and the parents and alumni of Branksome Hall. The Ambassador of Canada attended the event and congratulated the great performance of the first graduates of Branksome Hall Asia.


Congratulations to our Jeju National University performers

Congratulations to our two Branksome Hall Asia Junior School students who performed at the Ara Muse Hall in Jeju National University.

You can see an exclusive interview with the two students for Branksome Hall Asia TV as well as footage of their performance in the video below.

Thinking, Learning & Communicating

Find out what our Branksome Hall Asia students have been involved in so far this term as a community of inquirers and learners by reading our latest newsletter.

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Flying High - The remarkable journey continues

It is with great pride that the Branksome Hall Asia community celebrates our remarkable graduates and their distinctive Branksome Hall Asia educational journey.

Our graduates received offers of admission to outstanding universities world wide. As globally minded learners and leaders, our students will pursue their passions internationally in accounting, anthropology, the arts, architecture, business management, fashion business, film production, geography, international relations, journalism, law, marketing, medicine, music, political science, psychology, sociology, theatre production, the sciences, technological systems, and more.

Dedicated to our mission to “challenge and inspire girls each day to love learning and to shape a better world” Branksome Hall Asia is very proud of how our young women have grown as confident and empowered young women prepared for the challenges and opportunities they will meet in our rapidly changing and interdependent world.

With great pride we wish our graduating students the very best in their next learning and leading endeavors. We are confident that they will continue to greet life’s challenges and opportunities with intelligence, grace, and courage.

Congratulations Class of 2015. The world is about to become more remarkable.

What does learning look like?


What does learning look like?
What's worth understanding today and tomorrow?
How and where does learning thrive?

Branksome Hall Asia parents and friends are invited to join the Making Thinking Visible Parent Seminar with Mark Church, co-author of Making Thinking Visible. Visible Thinking is an initiative at Project Zero, located within the Harvard Graduate School of Education. These conversations will focus on how classrooms and schools grow rich cultures of thinking for learners, both students and teachers, and what differences it makes for their learning today and well beyond their years in school.

"Making Thinking Visible" Parent Seminar
Evening Tea
Saturday, October 3
6:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.
Branksome Hall Asia

R.S.V.P. -


Every classroom and school communicates to students a story of what learning actually is -- what it feels like, what it looks like, and how it works to develop lasting understanding. All too often though, with mandates and pressures dominating the attention of many teachers and school leaders, schools often become settings of “just getting through the work” and fail to provide a rich story of learning for students. Sadly, classrooms become places of work-compliance rather than places where students become better thinkers and learners to serve them well beyond their years in school.

For a number of years, the Harvard University Project Zero Making Thinking Visible team have questioned: Just how can classrooms and schools become rich cultures of thinking for learners, both students and teachers, and what difference does it make for their learning?

This question of creating a culture of thinking is not an easy one to answer. Thinking, by its very nature, is invisible – it happens inside one’s mind. The idea of making thinking visible then helps make explicit what a thoughtful classroom culture might look like through the use of routines, paying attention to language, creating opportunities for thinking, etc. In schools where teachers are striving to shift towards a more thoughtfully engaged culture, educators ask of themselves: What kinds of thinking are students making use of in order to deepen understanding? Are there opportunities for my students to develop and explain their theories with one another? What kind of creative solutions do my students construct? How do I invite students to debate the complexities of a plan or issue?

When teachers focus on questions such as these about the learning environments they create, students are more likely to show commitment to their learning, find more meaningful connections between school and outside life and display the attitudes we most want to see in our learners– open-mindedness, curiosity, appropriate skepticism, and a thirst for wanting to understand.

This seminar is designed to bring educators of all levels into this Making Thinking Visible conversation. Those participating will have opportunities for collaboration and reflection with other colleagues striving to enact powerful stories of learning in their own classrooms and school. Participants will consider concrete strategies, tools, and pictures of practice to broaden their own vision of what a new story of learning might be and how it might be achieved through creating a culture of thinking.

About Mark Church

Mark Church works with educators throughout the world striving to create cultures of thinking in their classrooms and schools. Mark challenges teachers to foster thinking dispositions in students in service of deep understanding, invites teachers to develop and use a language of thinking that communicates value for student sense-making, and encourages teachers to make their classroom environment rich with the documents of thinking processes.

Mark is currently a consultant with Harvard Project Zero’s Making Thinking Visible and Cultures of Thinking initiatives worldwide, drawing upon his own classroom teaching experience and from the perspectives he has gained working with educators throughout North America, Australia, Asia, and Europe. Mark enjoys helping teachers examine opportunities for student thoughtfulness, use thinking routines as supports and scaffolds, interact with students in ways that demonstrate interest in and respect for students’ thinking, and send clear expectations about the importance and value of thinking in learning. Together with Ron Ritchhart and Karin Morrison, Mark is co-author of the book Making Thinking Visible: How to Promote Engagement, Understanding, and Independence for All Learners (Jossey-Bass, 2011).


You can find out more about the Making Thinking Visible by visiting their website here.

You can buy the Making Thinking Visible book here.

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